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Some  Place Else




Social Media, Photography


Some Place Else comes across as a all-in-one dance hub, a fashion boutique, a fine dine restaurant and a happening cafe in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.


Since the launch of the place, the basic objective has been to promote the all-in-one concept, not missing out on special occasions and events.


The establishment is amidst an IT business hub, Infocity, where the average age of a person is 25. Thus, the target audience is such that they'd understand the language, tone and style of the brand. Competition from local outlets in the hub was significant, but with such an experience, the place is an undeniable one.


A direct marketing strategy was executed to ensure the brand is recognized for the right things, services and proposition.


Rotating campaigns seemed like the best option to promote the multiple dimensions of their offerings, and through our photography, we ensured to capture the sweet and savoury experiences that fill up one's soul.