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Ristretto - Behind the Rods




Campaign Design, Social Media


Ristretto Behind the Rods is a place where you can rediscover food, friends and yourself, with themed areas of jail or 'behind the rods'. Moreover, it has an underlying belief that "What matters the most is what you have inside you".


The idea was to make the audience consistently engage with the brand in the festive rush of Diwali and New Year, where the purpose was also to stand out from competition in the area located in the heart of Ahmedabad.


On-field, we found, the audience to be more engaged in music with food. Live music, special events, and celebrity appearances steal the show when one talks about the cafe.


Simple. Featuring the artists on the brand's page as well as the artists' page, along with festival promotions and user generated content was the way to go for Ristretto.


Bring out the informality in an otherwise formal dining experience, with the rustic ambience offering space for ice-breaker conversations.