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Deja Vu




Campaign Design, Social Media, Paid Promotions, Photography, Videography


Seeded in 1998, today Shambhu’s Coffee Bar is one of the most popular hangout places of Deja Vu, as the phrase suggests, feels like you've already been there. An open, fresh and ambient cafe with a wide range of cuisines, serves the city with not just food, but all kinds of group events, parties and celebrations. Ahmedabad. Running over a decade now, the coffee bar just got younger with new fans, new flavours and new offerings every year. It is said to be the favourite coffee bar not only for the teenagers but also for business executives, couples & families.


With them being one of our first clients, countless campaigns have been created for them, some of them are shown below, do check them out!


Planning and research was crucial to run lasting campaigns that create an impact on their audience. Inevitably, our team conducted visual research to understand the brand's look and feel, right from the way their food was presented, their lit up ambience, or their style of organizing numerous events. Everything documented, and we're good to go.


Leveraging the name, we created a feel from the word Deja Vu, making it a moment for everyone who visits the place. So, we'd run the #DejaVuMoment time and again, to revive the feel of the ambience and the cafe itself. Additionally, promotional campaigns were run to make people aware about the various services they made customizable to everyone's needs.


Several campaigns were created for the brand, with "Come and Feel the #DejaVuMoment" being our personal favourite, a popular hit was the "#MojitoSeries", and other campaigns aligning their services, say, 'Book a Table', 'Celebrate with us' or 'Host your party at Deja Vu'.




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